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21 For 21 is a campaign to champion the work of twenty-one conservation projects around the world throughout the course of 2021. We've pledged to support each project with at least £2,100 each. We'd love to extend this support to £5,000 per project.

That gives us a fundraising target of £105,000

We welcome any donation large or small  - whether you're donating £2.10 -  the cost of a cuppa -  or a larger amount,  every single pound counts.

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21 For 21 Projects

The consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic have been catastrophic for communities reliant on ecotourism. Many biodiverse areas are feeling the strain, facing increased threat at the same time as a reduction in funding. Here are just a handful of examples:

Sri Lanka

The future of a community-run marine turtle conservation group which relies on income from ecotourism to operate round-the-clock beach patrols hangs in the balance. Historically, nearly all the turtle eggs and even some female turtles at Rekawa beach in Sri Lanka have been taken. But by recruiting former poachers to patrol the beach and act as turtle guardians the project protected 765 turtle nests allowing around 70,000 hatchlings to reach the sea between May and August last year alone.The 20 strong squad who work in shifts to patrol the beach have cut their wages in half, to survive the downturn, receiving just $3 USD per six-hour shift. Funds raised by 21 For 21 will pay for 30 days of beach patrols.


In Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, the forest itself has come under attack during the Covid-19 pandemic. More people have ventured into the protected area to collect resources such as firewood.In June last year, the Uganda Wildlife Authority arrested four men when the body of a speared silverback gorilla, Rafiki was discovered in the forest. The men said they had been hunting for antelope when they came across the gorilla and it charged.21 For 21 will provide support for an organic farming programme at a time when the forests are under increased pressure. The programme which includes seeds, land, and advice, provides an alternative livelihood for indigenous people, alleviating pressure on the forests resources and empowering a marginalised community. By training local communities living around the gorilla habitat in sustainable organic farming, it enables them to feed their families and sell any surplus produce at local markets.


In Brazil, a project in the Pantanal working with South America’s largest carnivore the Jaguar saw income from ecotourism dip from 40% to a crippling 10% in 2020. 21 For 21 funding will help to support a rewilding scheme which has successfully released both jaguars and puma back to the wild.

These are just some of the projects 21 For 21 is supporting - to find out more about all 21 projects and how you can further get involved,  please visit the project directory


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